Lotus 79 Ford

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1978 FIA Formula 1™ Constructors Champion
1978 FIA Formula 1™ Drivers Champion (Mario Andretti)

Team:        Lotus Engineering Ltd.
Team:        Hethel, Norfolk
Chassis:    T79 R2 (at the Austrian GP)
Year:         1978
Driver:        Ronnie Peterson † 11th September 1978, Monza
Homepage: www.classicteamlotus.co.uk

paperboard model
current location:       Mellau, Austria
project launch:         December 2009
construction start:    March 8th, 2010
construction end:     July 18th, 2010
scale:                      1 to 10th
lenght:                     426mm
weight:                      –
parts:                     ~3800
materials:        cardboard
materials:        paper
materials:        steel wire
materials:        aluminium foil


3 responses to “Lotus 79 Ford”

  1. Stuart says :

    Hi Paul can you please tell me where you got the engineering drawings for the lotus 78 from?
    Kind Regards.


    • paulsf1 says :

      Hi Stuart,

      I get most of them from a colleague, but they aren’t for free (copyright). A few of them I did more or less by myself. If you forward me your email, I can send them to you.

      Cheers, Paul


  2. Stuart Rackham says :

    Thanks Paul, that would be great and most appreciated.
    I have a 1/24th scale Tamiya lotus 78 that I want to detail up, working suspension and the like so the more information I can acquire the better the finished model will be.
    Kind Regards,


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