Porsche 917

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“At this time,
there is nothing in the world  
any quicker,
any better handling,
any more advanced technically
and any more fun to drive.
It is to me the perfect racing car.”

Mark Donohue (in 1973) † 1975

1969 FIA homologation and first race win at 1000 km Zeltweg (Austria)
1970 FIA World Sportscar Championship Winner
1970 (Pedro Rodríguez, Jo Siffert, Leo Kinnunen)
1970 Interserie Champion (Jürgen Neuhaus)
1971 FIA World Sportscar Championship Winner
1971 (Pedro Rodríguez, Jackie Oliver)
1971 Interserie Champion (Leo Kinnunen)
1972 Canadian-American Challenge Cup Winner (CanAm)
1972 (George Follmer)
1972 Interserie Champion (Leo Kinnunen)
1973 Canadian-American Challenge Cup Winner (CanAm)
1973 (Mark Donohue)
1973 Interserie Champion (Leo Kinnunen)
1974 Interserie Champion (Herbert Müller)
1975 Interserie Champion (Herbert Müller)

Team:        Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG
Team:        Stuttgart
Chassis:    917-043 “Hippie”
Year:         1970
Driver:        Gérard Larrousse
Driver:        Willi Kauhsen
Homepage: www.porsche.com/motorsport

paperboard model
current location:       Graz, Austria
project launch:         July 2010
construction start:    July 24th, 2010
construction end:     April 7th, 2011
scale:                      1 to 10th
lenght:                     468mm
weight:                     –
parts:                       –
materials:        cardboard
materials:        paper
materials:        steel wire
materials:        plastic


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