About PaulsF1

My name is Paul Bischof, I’m 27, a student in mechanical engineering at the Graz University of Technology in Austria. From August 2013 till August 2014, I was working at Red Bull Technology as a Composite Design Engineer.
Since I was eight years old, I am building model planes out of paperboard. Since 2004, when my interests in motorsport grew up, I scratch (that means building without a kit) Formula 1 and sportscars in 1:10th scale also from paper. The average time I need for such a car is about 900 hours which takes me up to two years beside studies and work. One car has up to 6500 single components. On this blog, you can take a look on my work and maybe see a young engineer on his way on to the top of Formula 1.

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19 responses to “About PaulsF1”

  1. Mike Caylor says :

    Your work is incredible!


  2. Super Swede says :

    REALLY incredible work!
    Would you mind if I reblogged the Lotus 79 posts?


  3. Klaus Block says :

    Hello paul! I am Klaus Block from Hannover in Germany. In My freetime I Build steering Weels in Full Size from Formula1 Cars. I have Build steering Weels from Red Bull 2012, Torro Rosso 2012, Ferrari 2012,2009,2004, Mercedes AMG 2012,20011, MC Laren 2012, Lotus 2012. I want Show it at the Formula1 Test in Barcelona, I have a Paddok Card from Caterham F1. Is it a good Idea? When you have a better Tip for me where I can Show it please send it to me. With friendly regards Klaus Block from Hannover in Germany!


    • paulsf1 says :

      Servus Klaus,
      ich denke in Hannover spricht man auch Deutsch. 😉 Aus was für Materialien baust Du Deine Lenkräder? CFK? Sind sie funktionsfähig?
      Ich war noch nie bei einem F1 Test dabei, somit weiß ich auch nicht wie groß der Besucherandrang dort ist. Aber die Idee ist sicher nicht schlecht. Vielleicht kannst Du ja auch Kontakte knüpfen.
      mit freundlichen Grüßen aus der Steiermark,


  4. Adrián Farace says :

    Paul, I´m very impressed with you work ! It´s incredible !
    I´m mechanical engineer and I can see that you have a high knowledge of technical.
    Congratulations! Best regards for you.


  5. Muhammad says :

    I am an engineering student just want to say your work is absolutely fantastic! Any chance I can buy one for my collection of model cars?


  6. Tuan Tran says :

    I was instantly drawn into your paper works because when I was a kid, I created a fascination of creating things with paper, cardboard, and tape. I didn’t like asking my parents to get me a toy or action figure so I created my own and found so much more freedom. I created more of mobility, and durability. From cardboard hockey equipment ( goalie 🙂 ) to action figures.

    I’m really glad to have found your work. I never got as detailed or as complex. Keep it up! I’m starting to have a hankering of trying it out again!


  7. Anonymous says :

    hello, good morning, my name is gerardo and am currently studying high school, I would like to learn more about cars, I want to study mechanics and I would love to learn more.


  8. Anonymous says :

    Hi, I read an article about you in a local news website, you are absolutely brilliant, and I wish you to marry someone that you will love no less than you love your car designs 🙂 I wanted to say that I think it will be awesome if you will make designs of Electric F1 cars, because this is where the world heads today. Good luck and thumbs up from Israel!


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