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My name is Paul Bischof, I’m 27, a student in mechanical engineering at the Graz University of Technology in Austria. From August 2013 till August 2014 I was working at Red Bull Technology as a Composite Design Engineer.
Since I was eight years old, I am building model planes out of paperboard. Since 2004, when my interests in motorsport grew up, I scratch (that means building without a kit) Formula 1 and sportscars in 1:10th scale also from paper. The average time I need for such a car is about 900 hours which takes me up to two years beside studies and work. One car has up to 6500 single components. On this blog, you can take a look on my work and maybe see a young engineer on his way on to the top of Formula 1.

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15 responses to “That’s PaulsF1”

  1. SweetF1 says :

    This is very cool, we’ll feature it on the site soon. Well done!


  2. F1 Racing magazine says :

    Hi Paul. Great site. I’d love to feature your work in F1 Racing magazine. Please reply if you’re interested and I’ll send you my contact details.


    • paulsf1 says :

      Hello Jonathan! Thanks, I’m very happy, that so many people like my work.
      To your question about to feature my work in F1 Racing magazine. Sure, I’ll be very thankfull if you could do that.


      • F1 Racing magazine says :

        Hi Paul. Many thanks for getting back to me. Drop me an email and we can take it from there. Do you have my address?


  3. Eduardo says :

    Wow your work its simple wonderful I want to do the same but I even don´t know wich material to begging with. LOL … Great job, keep up with good work. Well done.


  4. António says :

    Hi there Paul,
    I’m putting together a F1 RC car which was sort of a limited edition made by Kyosho and was published through DeAgostini Italia (the Ferrari F2007).
    The thing is, im not going to paint it red like a Ferrari, insteand ill be making the front and rear wings in carbon fiber sheets, based on Red Bull’s RB7 and paint it blue with stripes.
    So im in need of a very close representation of those wings from the RB7. Can you help me on this? Hope so 🙂
    Best regards and keep up the good work.
    António R. from Portugal


  5. António says :

    Hello Paul.
    I don’t know if you had the time to visit my personal Facebook profile, i’ve got some photos of the RC model i’m working on.
    I only need the drawings, specially the ones from both the front and rear wings.
    Keep up the good work, it looks really awesome!
    Hurrah for Red Bull Racing, i’m sure they’ll do it again if Neweyu stays there.
    Best regards.


  6. Anonymous says :

    Yo, the car is awesome. I make 1/10th Radio control cars from model board and fibreglass. I am currently working on an F1 model.


  7. anderson says :

    Hello, you provides these templates to download?


    • paulsf1 says :

      you’re not the first one who ask me that. I got many requests already. But I’ve to say no. The most of these templates don’t exist any more. Such a car has about 4000 to 5000 parts and that needs too much time and effort to digitise all that parts.


  8. anderson says :

    I see. His work is wonderful and I never saw a papercraft like your work, full of so much detail.
    Sorry for my english I’m Brazilian. Thank you!


  9. Anthony Whitehead says :

    The level of detail in your work is mind blowing. Im sure you will get a lot of positive feedback and interest from F1 fans and magazines. GREAT WORK!!!!!


  10. click link says :

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  11. Sunny78 says :


    I saw your Papercraft Gallery.
    Your work is GREAT!
    I unbelievable…

    Do you know this tool?
    Tools name is “PAPERCRAFT DESIGNER”.
    This is Japanese tool for windows.
    Website –>

    I made old Indycar by this tool.
    Here –>

    Sorry my English is very cheap. I’m Japanese.


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