Audi R18 TDI

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2011 victory at the 24 Heures du Le Mans (Fässler, Lotterer, Tréluyer)

Team:         Audi AG
Team:         Ingolstadt
Chassis:     R18 TDI #3 (Helga)
Year:          2011
Driver:        Tom Kristensen
Driver:        Rinaldo Capello
Driver:        Allan McNish

paperboard model
current location:       Graz, Austria
project launch:         third quarter 2011
construction start:    February 17th, 2012
construction end:     not finished yet
scale:                      1 to 10th
lenght:                     465mm (projected)
weight:                     –
parts:                       –
materials:        cardboard
materials:        paper
materials:        steel wire
materials:        aluminium foil
materials:        plastic


6 responses to “Audi R18 TDI”

  1. connord41 says :

    i thought Helga was piloted by Allan McNish, TK, and Dindo Capello?


  2. L.G. says :

    awesome work, Paul!!.. not on FB but found your blog while searching for info on the Audi R18 after just watching the documentary, “Truth in 24:II” which covers the R18 Le Mans 2011 race.. while there are lots of pics of the R18, i’m having trouble finding interior and detailed mechanical info. would really appreciate any info, links, or downloads you have on the beautiful R18.. keep up the fantastic work – your models are works of art that should be displayed as such.. best!


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