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75 responses to “Contact”

  1. Anonymous says :


    Just to let you know the 2-4-0 has been restored and is going to be racing again in beta colours.


  2. Darlan says :

    Hello, I wonder if it is possible to download this beautiful models that you created


  3. Nkn says :

    Hi, please send me your Rb7 data, love your model very much. Thanks.


  4. quiuque says :

    hi ! am from argentina mi name is enrique and i wish to have the model of a red bull rb7 en paper! can you send me to my i-mail all what i need? my i-mail is thanks my friens i hope you can send my this wonderfull model


  5. Roger says :

    Good stuff, I hope to build a 1/20th RB7, can you send me your photo details


  6. Shane says :

    Can you send me the photo collection of the rbi, much appreciated and great work!



  7. Alfred Wong says :

    Hi Paul,

    I am Alfred from Malaysia. I just discovered your blog yesterday when I searching for RB7 photos online and your RB7 look fantastic and awesome. I just bought a remote control model of RB7. some parts are not really similar compared to real model and I plan to do some modification. It is my pleasure if you could send me the RB7 data. Thank you very much for sharing the data and I really appreciate it.



  8. Nilson says :

    Hello Paul, my name is Nilson im from Brazil

    first of all i wanna congratz u on ur hardwork at rb7, it almost unbelievable what u did!!!
    I wanna know if would send me the data from that super car, and ask u what do u use to make the paint, it looks so shining!

    cheers!!! and keep on i wanna see the audi ;D


  9. Tim Covington says :


    You do absolutely wonderful work. Would you be willing to send me the links to the construction data? I would really appreciate it.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Best Regards,
    Dallas, TX


  10. RUBENS says :

    Hello Paul, I am of Brazil Rio de Janeiro,,, I wonder if there are possibilities, to send me,,, 7 i.mail RB amazing papercraft required to assemble instructions


  11. Ethan Kang says :

    Hi Paul, I’m from NZ and i really wish to have the model of rb7!! Could you send me the data of rb7? And also i would be pleased if u could tell me the materials needed for making rb7 (ex : the body’s made of photo paper..). thank u and i’ll be waiting for your email!! xD


  12. Dennis says :

    Meinen allergrößten Respekt! Finde es unglaublich wie du ins Detail gehst! Es macht so spaß deinen Blog zu lesen! Sehr informatif und äußerst professionell. Alles Gute aus Nordhessen!


  13. Carlos Gouvea says :

    Oi paulo, sou do Brasil, admirei muito seus modelos, eu faço modelos em escala 1:28
    para carros controle remoto Mini Z. Voce poderia me mandar dados do Audi R 18 TDI, ou um PDF do modelo , não preciza ser de todo o carro, só a carroceria estaria muito bom. Desde já agradeço


  14. Cameron Wyn Jones says :

    hey Paul!
    Im building an RB8 but i think it would be useful to use your technical specifications is that ok? if it is then i woul like to know how you crafted the sidepods and some advice also could i have some various drawings is that ok?


  15. ivan rodriguez says :

    Hi I am Ivan and I live in Colombia I just wanted to say your work is amazing, I could not believe at first that I saw the pictures really admire your work, congratulations …. I would like to make a red bull as wonderful as yours.

    I wish I have some guidance or some plan to get started I will continue searching the net

    Greetings from Colombia and modelers of my beautiful country


    • paulsf1 says :

      Hi Ivan,
      I’ll send you an email with my RB7 construction data. But always remember, to build such a model as mine, that needs an extensive amount of time and expirience. I’m doing this now for over 14 years and it took me that long to reach this amount of quality and degree of detail.
      But if you need some tips or if you have some questions do not hesitate to contact me. Wish you good luck for your project!
      Greetings from Austria!


  16. George N. says :

    Your work is amazing!!! I predict a VERY Bright future for you. Keep up this terrific site. Thanks, George.


  17. Jose Eduardo says :

    Hi. I’m really amazed with this RB7 work. Can you send me the build data? Thank you very much.


  18. Ferenc Freund says :

    Hi! I’m from Hungary my name is Ferenc and i wish to have the model of a red bull rb7 en paper! can you send me to my i-mail all what i need? my e-mail is thanks my friends i hope you can send my this wonderful model.


  19. Kang Pyo says :

    Hi Paul
    I’m from Korea and really interested in building papermodels.
    I got to see your piece of work, and I have to say, its pure beauty.
    At first I thought it was a plastic model, and i took a second look at it
    and realized it was a papermodel..
    I would be really keen to make one of the models like u did,
    and I wish you could send me a wonderful model of rb7
    by the way, my email is
    Thank you


  20. Anonymous says :

    Hi Paul
    I’m from Taiwan and really interested in building papermodels.
    is passible send me the Red Bull RB7 this papermodels to me by
    Thank you very much


  21. zack wu says :

    Hi Paul
    I’m from Taiwan and really interested in building papermodels.
    is that passible to send me the redbull RB7 papermodels to me by mail

    I will thank you so much

    Zack best regard


  22. erfelipe says :

    Congratulations by the exceptional work.

    Best regards,

    Eduardo [from Brasil]


  23. victor says :

    hi paulsf1. congratulations for you high-detailed car models. please, can you send me the files and data to make the audi r18 and the redbull rb7? thanks and congratulations.


  24. Stew L says :

    Hi Paul, I’ve been watching your website for some time now. AND I LOVE IT! I was wondering if you could send me the files and data for the RB7. I am creating a 3D model a futuristic Formula 1 car for a digital media arts program at my high school and I feel that like this would be a great source of information. You can send the files to my email, which is:
    Thanks in advance


  25. Emre-Umut says :

    Hallo Paul,
    zu erst mal, Respekt für die Konstruktion des Formel1-Wagens, war sicherlich keine einfache Arbeit und kostete bestimmt viel Zeit.
    Wir sind auf deine Seite durch deinen Vater, Traugott Bischof, aufmerksam geworden, der seit 2009 unser KV ist. Er erzählte uns mit Stolz wie du das Ding durchgezogen hast. Hier an dieser Stelle zollen wir dir Respekt und lassen dich grüßen!


  26. Abhi Daas says :

    Hi Paul,
    Greetings from New Zealand! I recently came across your work when I was surfing YouTube, you’ve got an amazing talent. Is it possible to get the data and specs for the rb7 and audi please?
    Also if I can ask, what materials do you use and where do you get them? I hope to share my paper models with you someday.

    Cheers mate!


  27. Abhi Daas says :

    Hi Paul,

    Greetings from New Zealand. I recently came across your work on youtube and have been going through your blog over the past couple of days. Absolutely amazing and I’m blown away by your work and the amount of detail in your models. Can I get the data and reference for the RB7 and Audi please?

    Also if I can ask what materials do you use to create them and where do you buy them?



  28. Anonymous says :

    Hola, soy un estudiante de preparatoria próximo a estudiar la carrera, yo quiero estudiar la cerrera de ingeniero mecánico automotriz y me gustaría saber mas de este tema.


  29. Viktor says :

    Hi Paul
    I really like what you’re doing. Send me the data for Lotus E21 please?
    This e-mail address is:


  30. Jozef says :

    Hi Paul

    I love your work, I think it’s just amazing. I hope you have a great career at red bull. I myself want to work in F1 in the future and I find your writing very informative. I collect F1 scale models too and I was wondering if you could send me the data for the RB7. Thanks in advance


  31. Marcelo says :

    Dear Paul, Congratulations for your models, I´m writing from Argentina, when I was young I did F 1 models like you,but not with high quality!!, today I made it with plastic, It´s my hobby too. I´m working in the Mercedes Bens W-196 (1954-Fangio).
    Best Regards


  32. varusi says :

    Hi Paul
    Your ability is very impresive.
    Yo’ve inspirated me. Would you like to se my first project? its here
    Hope you like it, and if you could give me some advice i’ll begrateful.


    • paulsf1 says :

      your McLaren looks impressive for a first project! Very clean and tidy work! (y)
      I don’t like to give you big advices. If you have some particular questions, I’ll answer them, but just carry on like now and you’ll improve your work with each further project.

      Liked by 1 person

      • varusi says :

        Thankyou very much. Now im in an other project, and im trying to improve my accuracy on it.
        I have two particular questons haha
        Wich lacquer dou you use to the external chasis? and the second: Wich kind of lacker do you use for the internal monocoque? it looks different, some more matt sheen.
        Sorry for my english and thank you very much for answer!!!


      • paulsf1 says :

        well spotted! Yeah, I use a matt lacquer for the internal (non moulded) carbon stuff and shiny lacquer for the externals. It’s just a simple spray can. KLind of this one:
        But it doesn’t really matter which lacquer you take as long as you can handle it.


        Liked by 1 person

  33. chris says :

    Hi paul
    having reached the old age of 50odd and worked on cars since the age of 10 its finally time to have a bit of “me time ”
    i currently own lotus esprit jps 004 and have decided to build a replica lotus 79 to park beside it .
    although mechanically its going to use a audi rs8 v8 coupled to an audi 7 speed automatic box using trip tronic i would like it too look as near the right thing as possible
    trying to get drawings etc especially when i wasnt brought up with computers is proving to be difficult
    so i was wondering would you be interested in selling me your material to aid with my build
    or pointing me in the right direction

    i would appreciate any help you give me

    kind regards



  34. chris says :

    hi paul
    did you ever dig out the plans for the 79



  35. Lewis Nyamudeza says :

    Nice work. Think you should go for an lmp 1 car again. Loved the detail on your R18


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