complete List of Cars

This list contains every single car I’ve ever built in 1:10 scale. The requirement to get on this list is the start of building the car, but not to finish it. There are about ten cars, I’ve never finished. The very first cars had about something like 200 parts, when a todays steering wheel has already 100 or a front wing over 150 parts. A todays car has much over 6000 parts! As a few of the cars doesn’t exits any more, it’s possible that there are no pictures available.

Have a look thru (cars in chronological order)!

* under construction/never finished
² does not exist anymore
³ whereabouts uncertain


12 responses to “complete List of Cars”

  1. W says :

    Wow! Amazing list you have here. Will you post at least one picture of each car, pleaaaaaaaase 🙂 (if you still have the cars or any photo, that is)


  2. freedom says :

    Hi Paul, awesome talent! Are you selling any of the finish models?


  3. freedom says :

    Thanks for getting back. I’m interested in the Red Bull RB7 Renault.


  4. freedom says :

    Do you have any current ones for sale? thanks


  5. freedom says :

    Hi Paul. I just sent you a message through my email so I hope it finds you well. Please check your junk mail if it happens to land in there or let me know if you haven’t receive it. thanks


  6. Mike says :

    Hello Paul,

    Superb work with the paper models, beautiful work. I have only recently taken up the hobby of papercraft beginning with Apollo era spacecraft and have now focused attention on my favorite form of motorsport, F1.

    I was wondering if there was any chance that you would sell one of your paper models? I would like to see firsthand the work and technique of an accomplished modeler to set me in the right direction.

    Kind Regards,


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