PaulsF1 at Red Bull Racing

Hi all,

as you may know, in 2012 Rob Marshall, Chief Designer of Red Bull Technology, respectively Red Bull Racing, offered me a student placement job at the Formula 1 team. In August 2013, I started this challenge as a composite design engineer. Designing parts all over the car (RB10), I gained a very lot of experience in race car design and the work in a F1 team. In October 2014, I returned to Uni (Graz University of Technology), to finish my master studies in mechanical engineering. Here is a short video clip, produced by ServusTV which was part of a documentation about Austrian engineers in motorsports.




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About paulsf1

My name is Paul Bischof. I’m a student in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz in Austria, expected finishing in February 2016. Since I was eight years old, I am building model planes out of paperboard. Since 2004 I scratch (that means building without an assembling set) Formula 1 and sportscars in 1:10th scale. The average time I need for such a car is around 400 to 700 hours within 4 to 8 months. One car has around 3500 up to 5000 single components. On this blog, you can take a look on my work and later, after my studies, hopefully you can see me in Formula 1.

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