further progress on the cooling system of the Audi R18TDI

Another few words on my work on the cooling system of the Audi:

Since fortunately a guy on f1technical.net called my attention on an underbody regulation, I strived towards to eliminate an almost fail of me. The point is: The underbody’s outer 500mm area is regulated to an angle of 7 degree (messured to horizontal) upwards (see pic). Because I did not consider that at the manufacturing of the water radiators, I had to cut them down a bit. The cutting was done by a saw. With a scalpel or a scissor I had no chance. That are the problems of my high rigid method of construction. Well, it’s actually not really a disadvantage. If the radiators aren’t that rigid, maybe I would not be able to cut them down without any damage. To cut a long story short, everything went brilliant and the radiators are now fitted to the chassis and supports now the angled underbody shape. Additionally, I finished the water cooling circuit. The first lines of the charge air circuit are also done.


Page 45 of the ACO 2011 LMP1 technical regulations. Source: ACO Technical Regulations 2011 “LE MANS” PORTOTYPE (“LM”P1-“LM”P2) Technical Regulations for Prototype (2011)


After I recognized, that I had no chance with a scissor, a scalpel or with sandpaper, I took a saw and raged. 😉


Was bit a tricky work, because I had no vice, so I had to fix the radiator by hand.


After I’ve won the fight…


Here’s the current standing. You can see a part of the water radiator suspension and its lines leading into the inside of the motors V.


Another closer look to the cooling lines.


The inside of the V isn’t correct. This picture Click appeared after I’ve finished the inside.


The cars underside. Not completely detailed, but the underbody will cover this. I guess I won’t make the underbody removable on the finished car.


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My name is Paul Bischof. I’m a student in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz in Austria, expected finishing in February 2016. Since I was eight years old, I am building model planes out of paperboard. Since 2004 I scratch (that means building without an assembling set) Formula 1 and sportscars in 1:10th scale. The average time I need for such a car is around 400 to 700 hours within 4 to 8 months. One car has around 3500 up to 5000 single components. On this blog, you can take a look on my work and later, after my studies, hopefully you can see me in Formula 1.

One response to “further progress on the cooling system of the Audi R18TDI”

  1. SuperSwede says :

    I´m still amazed by the fantastic detailing, great pics to show it on this model!


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