Audi splits R18 in half

Audi recently published a pic of a splitted R18 ultra (2012 car) with few quite interesting insights. As for comparison it would be the best to split my one too, but I think that’s no good idea ;).

Poorly they also removed the suspension arrangement. It’s more about the front one, because there are hardly no pics available. But anyway, that’s a great way to look on my work and see how good (or bad) my research, knowledge and work was on the R18 till now.

© Audi Sport AG; right click, view image for full resolution

Starting at the front, I see now, that the pedals are full from carbon fibre. I had a pic of the R18 TDI (2011 – my car) where it looks like they were from aluminium. Now I know, they aren’t. The arrangement itself is quite the same as mine, only my brake master cylinders are mounted on the front bulkhead, when this pic tell me they are mounted on the monocoques floor. At the splitting edge you can also see the cutout for the torsion bar springs (missing at my car).

© Audi Sport AG – Full carbon pedals.

My pedals in good old aluminium style. 🙂

Steering wheel arrangement is quite a likeness of my one.

One of the bigger mistakes is the v-keel underbody of the monocoque. I wrote that in an earlier post somewhen in summer. Because of a lack of information and image material my keel got a bit different as the original one.

© Audi Sport AG – Look at the v keel. It’s very narrow and it looks like it’s no integral part of the monocoque – only a cover or something.

My keel is a full integral part of the monocoque and is very wide.

That’s also the reason for my next fault. You can see the fire extinguisher under the seat. My one is located in the keel like it is in a F1 car. Also the rear bulkhead of the monocoque is different as my one. My one is tilted nearly 45 degrees, when this on is tilted bout 16 degrees.

© Audi Sport AG – Fire extinguisher located under the drivers seat.

My extinguisher located in the v-keel.

The engine is quite well. Here you can see very clearly the cutout in the monocoques rear bulkhead for the oil tank where I was yammering in some former posts.

© Audi Sport AG – The cutout in the monocoque for the oil tank. The cutout is rounded from fuel for cooling the oil.

Gearbox is no reference because this is the 2012 version and the 2011 (which is my one) one is completely different.


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