Porsche 917 construction report part 1 tube frame

In consideration of the fact, that I’ve to learn very much for my studies the next weeks and having no time for my RB7, I’ll show you a little bit of the car I’ve finished before I began with the Red Bull Racing RB7. It’s a pure racing legend. Maybe the most famous and common sport car in motor racing history. Built from an austrian-german factory, the Porsche AG, the type 917 was the epitome of the endurance championship in the early 1970’s. He gave Porsche its first win at Le Mans in 1970. I made the unique “Hippie” Porsche 917 043 LH from Le Mans 1970, driven by Gérard Larrousse and Willibert Kauhsen. It was the best finishing position of a 917 LH (long rear – from the german Lang Heck) – although the 917LH dominates the LM race in 1971 only to retire three hours before finishing. By the way, that race have won a praticular Dr. Helmut Marko, today motorsport advisor at Red Bull Racing.

I began with that car in july 2010 and got help from the book Porsche 917: Archiv 1968 – 1975 from Walter Näher, a former engineer at Porsche motorsport. The first thing to make was the tube frame. I reinforced the paper tubes with a 1.2mm metal wire.

That was the result of my first day with the Porsche 917.

After about 40 days of building, the frame was finished.

The frame confirms out of around 200 paper-metal tubes and is much more robust as you would anticipate from a paper model. Otherwise it wouldn't endure the loads of a 1:10th scale paper model (about 440mm in lengh and 700g of weight) or the ones of a 24 hours race ;-).


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My name is Paul Bischof. I’m a student in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz in Austria, expected finishing in February 2016. Since I was eight years old, I am building model planes out of paperboard. Since 2004 I scratch (that means building without an assembling set) Formula 1 and sportscars in 1:10th scale. The average time I need for such a car is around 400 to 700 hours within 4 to 8 months. One car has around 3500 up to 5000 single components. On this blog, you can take a look on my work and later, after my studies, hopefully you can see me in Formula 1.

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  1. António says :

    Best of luck for your studies and exams!


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